Current Sales:
Updated 7-2019
100% ALL Wood Cabinets

$3149 (Plus Tax)

$3620 (Plus Tax)

Sale Kitchens Includes the following:

- Delivery and Install of new cabinets
(Removal of old cabinets, plumbing, and electrical work not included in sale price)
*** Countertop and Decorative Hardware Additional ***

This sale is for a set of kitchen cabinets used to build a standard 10’ x 10’ (“L”) shaped Kitchen.

The layout shown demonstrates the following cabinet with 13LF feet of countertop:
W3615 - 36inch x 15inch Wall Cabinet (2 Doors)
W1830 - 18inch x 30inch Wall Cabinet (1 Door)
W3015 - 30inch x 15inch Wall Cabinet (2 Doors)
W1230 - 12inch x 30inch Wall Cabinet (1 Door)
WA2430 - 24inch x 30inch Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet (1 Door)
W3630 - 36inch x 30inch Wall Cabinet (2 Doors)
W2430 - 36inch x 30inch Wall Cabinet (2 Doors)
EZR36 - 36inch Corner Base Cabinet
B18 - 18inch Base Cabinet (1 Door 1 Drawer)
SB36 - 36inch Sink Base Cabinet (2 Doors 2 Fux Drawers)
B24 - 24inch Base Cabinet (2 Doors 1 Drawer)

The total amount of wall coverage has space allowances for appliances and windows.
Variations in this layout are allowed only to the extent that the basic composition (parts list) remains the same.

NOTE: Decorative hardware, crown and trim molding, backer panels, fillers, skins, plumbing,
electrical, removal of old cabinets, ect. are not included in sale pricing.

If your needs vary from this 10x10 layout, please contact us for your quote at 386-668-4151.